Baltic Sea ahrenshoop birdsview

A weekend at the Baltic Sea – The best Ahrenshoop attractions

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This article takes you through forests, moors and dunes – past waving reed fields and thatched houses – along the Bodden, the Baltic Sea beach and on lighthouses – while a salty breeze blows in your face and your gaze wanders into the endless expanse of the sea. Here I give you tips on the best Ahrenshoop attractions for a weekend at the Baltic Sea to slow down.

The fact that you can find a lot of peace, relaxation and nature in this region of the German Baltic Sea coast is also shown in the following video:

The sleepy village of Ahrenshoop is located on the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula about 60 km west of Stralsund, the gateway to the island of Rügen, and about 44 km northeast of Rostock. Especially the Darß is different from the big famous Baltic Sea resorts, like Timmendorfer Strand or Binz on Rügen.

Those who come here are looking for deceleration and relaxation, want to drink their sea buckthorn tea in peace to the sound of the waves and enjoy the nature of the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft.


Blowing grasses on the dunes on the beach of the Baltic Sea.

I myself have been here many times as a small child: back then still with the Trabant and the whole family. But the memories are blurred, so it was high time to refresh them once again. I can only recommend a trip here to anyone who just wants to switch off again and recharge the batteries.

house with thatched roof in Ahrenshoop at the baltic sea

Typical Baltic Sea: houses with thatched roofs

Baltic Sea ahrenshoop birdsview

Ahrenshoop is situated on a narrow headland exactly between the Saaler Bodden and the Baltic Sea.

It is worth visiting not only in summer, but also out of season. Especially in April it is beautiful here. One moment the sun is still shining on the Baltic coast, while the next moment dark clouds are already moving over the land and ignite a snowstorm for 10 minutes, which you can watch from one of the many warm, small cafes and restaurants comfortably from the inside.

By the way: If you can’t get enough of the Baltic Sea, why not explore the entire coast on a road trip? Here is a perfect route for it:

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But the North Sea is also beautiful. Especially in Schleswig-Holstein. If you are a fan of the German coasts, then maybe this article is worth a look here:

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Fischland-Darßt-Zingst is a peninsula that lies to a large extent in the national park “Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft”. Therefore, you can explore here especially the nature. Ahrenshoop itself is located in the most southwestern part of the island Fischland. In the middle lies the Darß with its extensive forests and in the very east the headland Zingst.

What to do in Ahrenshoop? The best Ahrenshoop attractions

Especially the nature is an experience in Ahrenshoop and the surrounding area. But besides endless and refreshing beach walks, where you fight against the stiff breeze of the Baltic Sea, there are many other things you can do here.

Explore the steep coast

The Baltic Sea coast on the peninsula is not only flat and level. Between Ahrenshoop and the Baltic resort of Wustrow, it becomes quite steep, along the “hohes Ufer”. Here you can watch from below how wind and waves have already eroded away the coast over time. From the top you have a great view over the landscape.

The steep coast of Ahrenshoop

The steep coast of Ahrenshoop.

Visit the Wustrow pier

In the Baltic resort of Wustrow there is a pier from where you can watch the seagulls, eat fresh fish in one of the restaurants or go fishing yourself. The Wustrow pier was built in 1886 and served as a landing place for smaller excursion steamers from Warnemünde. Today you can walk 240 meters out to sea and breathe in the Baltic Sea air.

the pier in the Baltic resort of Wustrow.

Always worth a visit: the pier in the Baltic resort of Wustrow.

Climb the lighthouse Darßer Ort

About 12 km north of Ahrenshoop, the lighthouse “Leuchtturm Darßer Ort” stands lonely on the northwestern tip of the peninsula on the shore of the Baltic Sea. To climb the tower, you have to pay an entrance fee of €5. But the view from the top is worth it. In addition, the entrance fee includes a visit to the “Natureum Darßer Ort”, with various exhibitions.

viw from the top of the Prerow lighthouse Darsser Ort

The view from Prerow lighthouse.

Walk along the wild west beach

The 14 km long, wild beach “Weststrand” borders directly on the Darß forest. The special thing here: the seclusion and the many signs of the unruly Baltic Sea nature. Trees uprooted by the storm, the fine sand as well as the wide view over the sea and the rough coast give it an inimitable charm.

western beach ahrenshoop

The western beach is left to nature as much as possible.

Turn in the Buhne 12

Update: The Buhne 12 is unfortunately closed in the meantime.

One of the most beautiful restaurants in Ahrenshoop is the “Buhne 12” directly on the beach. This small establishment is the perfect place to warm you up after a windy walk. There is fresh fish and the typical sea buckthorn tea or schnapps. The magnificent view from the window is free.

restaurant Buhne 12 in Ahrenshoop view from window

In the restaurant Buhne 12 you dine with a great view of the Baltic Sea coast

Treat yourself to a tea in the Teeschale

A large tea selection as well as small dishes and coffee and cake await you in the Teeschale in the neighboring village of Prerow. The house is very cozy and also the green garden invites you to linger.

Sip a cocktail and enjoy the sunset at Bar Weitblick

The bar Weitblick on the top floor of the hotel “The Grand” keeps what its name promises: a wide view over the whole landscape, which is especially dreamlike at sunset: Sip a cocktail and all worries are forgotten.

Cocktail Hibiskus Gin im Hotel the grand Ahrenshoop

Cocktails with a view. By the way, this is a hibiscus fizz

By the way, for all vodka fans: White Russian is not on the menu, but is still served on request.

Take a bike tour on the Darß

A bicycle tour here is recommended for all ages, because there are almost only flat areas: 30 to 40 km per day are easily possible. The network of cycle paths is very well developed. Theroetically you could explore the whole peninsula by bike.

There are several bike rental companies in town. I myself can recommend Haus Gielow. The mountain bikes here are new and cost only 10 € per day. But also normal road bikes are on offer.

Here’s a route recommendation from me, where you will pass many of the tips recommended here in the article:

Karte in groß

Eat smoked fish in Althagen harbor

As soon as you enter the port of Althagen, the wonderful smell of smoked fish wafts into your nose. The inhabitants know how to attract hungry tourists to their stalls ;)

smoked fish zur reuse ahrenshoop

Baltic Sea and smoked fish simply belong together.

Sit down here at the harbor in the restaurant “Räucherhaus” or get a portion of fish in your hand around the corner at the snack bar of the show smokehouse “Zur Reuse”.

Walk along the art trail

In 1892 a number of artists founded a small artists’ colony in Ahrenshoop, for which the place is still known today. They came here because of the beauty and seclusion of the region and used the beautiful landscape as motifs for their works. You can explore and enjoy the 10 most famous ones yourself along the art trail.

Poppy flower field in Ahrenshoop

In Ahrenshoop you will find many great motifs for photos.

Visit the art museum in Ahrenshoop

When the weather doesn’t cooperate, the Ahrenshoop Art Museum is a good alternative. Many works of art by artists from the region are exhibited here, including those from the 19th century artists’ colony. Admission for adults costs €10.

Ahrenshoop Art Museum entrance

The architecturally sophisticated entrance area of the Ahrenshoop Art Museum.

Visit the Ahrenshoop Shipman’s Church

The church of Ahrenshoop is modeled after a boat and also the interior of the church shows the connection to shipping in the small town.

ship's church ahrenshoop

You can visit the church for free and enjoy the peace inside.

Explore the coast with a standup paddle or kayak.

If you feel like a little more action, then there are also offers for this in Ahrenshoop. Get a standup paddle or a kayak and explore the Bodden or the Baltic Sea coast on your own.

Standup paddle on the beach of Ahrenshoop

Why not explore the beach with a standup paddle?

  • For kayaks you can go to the kayak rental Gottschalk in Wustrow.
  • Stand up paddle is available at the surf center Wustrow or at the surf and kite school Loop in in Dierhagen.

Accommodation tip: Hotel The Grand Ahrenshoop

Okay, admittedly. An overnight stay in this hotel is not quite cheap, but it is still worth it. The extensive breakfast buffet is totally delicious, the rooms are absolutely top with super comfortable beds and the spa area with sauna and a wonderful pool is unbeatable. Also the bar Weitblick on the upper floor and the view from the lobby are fantastic.

Here you can find offers for the hotel. You have to treat yourself sometimes ;)

hotel the grand ahrenshoop room

This is how to wake up properly in Ahrenshoop )

There are of course many more and cheaper places to stay in Ahrenshoop. Have a look here.

Take a trip to Rügen

Not far away from the peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst is Germany’s largest island Rügen. It’s worth a side trip if you have enough time. Here are some tips for Rügen:

Pictures of Ahrenshoop and Darß

Have you ever been to Ahrenshoop? What Ahrenshoop attractions do you think you should not miss here? Write me a comment.

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